“Undergoing the Invisalign treatment was life changing for me, I am now happy and confident with my smile, thanks to Andrew Thomas Dental Care. The continued after-treatment has also been wonderful.”


“I cannot recommend this dental practice highly enough, I have always found all of the staff to friendly and approachable with an extremely professional manner. This immediately made me feel welcome and reassured that I would be receiving the very best dental care. Andrew Thomas was recommended to me as he specialises in Invisalign, upon meeting with him his passion and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. Andrew ensured I received the most effective and suitable treatment to obtain the straight teeth I have always wanted. I could not be happier with the results achieved and I am now very proud of my smile thanks to the fantastic service received.”


“I had a lot of trouble with my teeth growing up and some of this time included having a brace. I was apprehensive about Invisalign for a few reasons….returning to a younger stage of my life and the stigma of having a brace in my mid thirties. However once I got beyond the commitment it was over to Andrew and his team who made the whole process efficient and pretty fascinating! Seeing how your teeth alter week by week and the feeling when the next set of aligners fit is testament to the process. It involved an element of self-discipline but the results were way beyond my expectations. I was especially pleased that the programme could be tailored to suit a pinnacle stage in my life, my wedding, and once again I thank Andrew and his team for accommodating this”.


“I have visited Andrew Thomas Dental Care on numerous occasions. On each visit I have experienced a first class customer experience from the moment of arrival at the practice to the time of walking back out to my car. On all my visits the lovely reception team are always welcoming, professional and warm. I have most recently visited for facial aesthetics; naturally, I was feeling slightly apprehensive. However during my meeting with Dr Thomas the feeling didn’t last long, the process was carefully explained, consultative, taking my feelings and wishes into account. I just felt so reassured, confident and knowledgeable about the process, aftercare and what to expect over the following weeks and months. To say I am thrilled with the results would be an understatement; Dr Thomas has exceeded all my expectations. Based on my experiences, I will certainly be returning and recommending this practice to my nearest and dearest.”


“Andrew is very reassuring & always alert to both my physical & emotional needs when I undergo any treatment. He explains all procedures so I am well informed. The dental nurses Kate & Lucy, the receptionist Kim & the dental hygienist Alison all have the same high standards of care & are give me confidence with their caring & friendly manner. Patient health & welfare is a priority not financial gain. I have total confidence in all the staff who treat me with great care & respect. I feel lucky to have found the practice.”

Ruth, Cardiff

“And he’s done it again. Went back to Andrew Thomas of 50 The Parade, Cardiff to clean and dry and fill a root canal he’d prepared days earlier. His was patient, gentle, and sensitive and so kind and bit by bit he slowly talked me through the whole system with out me having any pain at all. Again another fantastic job, amazing and well done. I used to be a physical wreck, but Andrew’s welcoming sweet staff (who give you plenty of coffee or water whilst waiting) certainly calmed the nerves. Love and thanks and more to you all!!”

Jan, Cardiff

“Feeling so confident in my smile since starting Invisalign treatment – a huge thank you to everyone at the practice.”


“Fantastic practice – very pleased with Invisalign results and Andrew and the team were lovely and welcoming at all of my visits.”